I dislike staying stagnant. I like to learn.

Learning is easy when I don't know anything. I am humble. I am open to ideas and feedbacks.

But, learning gets harder when I get better. I get more arrogant. I am less open to anything.

I don't want to be an experienced developer, who used to be fucking good. Now, too blind to see the trends that my skillsets are getting less relevant every day.

I don't want to be a parent, who used to know exactly what my children want when they are younger. Now, too blind to see their needs have changed. Instead of wishing the children stays the same, I want to learn about their ever-growing minds.

I don't want to be a husband, who used to get excited about going out on dates with my wife. Now, too busy to even have dinners at home together. "I have higher priorities", I thought. No, I want my wife and me to enjoy each other's company, grow old and happy together.

Luckily, running Taggun as a business is still new and fresh to me as a Technical Founder. I am still learning. I am still finding my ways to best serve all my customers by delivering the best receipt OCR. And I will continue to learn and adapt, even when I get better.

Because bad things happen when I stop learning.